Funeral Home

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 We are a non-profit organization with a mission to answer the commandment of Jesus Christ to love through service, advocacy, and empowerment of the vulnerable and those in need throughout northern and western Missouri. 

 We are a not-for-profit organization providing expert care, peace of mind, comfort, guidance and hope to the people of our community. We are a 501(c)(3). We're KC's original hospice, devoted to our community since 1980. Our team has unmatched expertise, with award-winning expert staff. We have over 400 dedicated volunteers. Providing comfort for families through Solace House, Camp Erin, Camp Carousel and bereavement specialists for children and individuals.


 Providing Advancing Planning services, along with At-Need services. Family owned & operated since 1954. 

SoPro Gaming

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Owner/Founder Janalea Hoffman, a pioneer in the field of Music Therapy, teaches the healing powers of music. The key to Janalea's music is specific and steady rhythm, which supports lowering blood pressure, slowing heartbeat and deepening breathing. Native American Flutes and Cathedral Steel Drums are a couple of the instruments that Janalea specializes in.  

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Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care

 More than just a remodeling company, HomeForGood's Certified Aging in Place Specialists will design and install a barrier-free solution just for you. Our team also provides families with a free financial concierge service to help fill any funding gaps in your project by using insurance or third-party funds. It's our honor to be of service helping families stay safe and accessible at home. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

 Hearts at Home seeks to provide the highest level of service, expertise, and safety to the older adults, disabled persons, families, and community we serve through compassionate, personalized, reliable, and attentive Overland Park and Kansas City area home care. 

 SoPro is a social professional video game center set in a fun, affordable and family-friendly environment in Overland Park, KS. With some of the best games and equipment in the industry, they offer a variety of gaming experiences and educational programs. Ageless Minds is one of their senior-special programs that specializes in "brain games" to benefit the mind! 

 We pride ourselves on the quality of our fleet, the compassion of our drivers, and the ability to deliver on time trips. All transportation companies ARE NOT created equal, and we stand out from the pack. Among other items, this is what makes us the best, and most importantly, the safest provider in Kansas City. 

Video Game Center

Jewish Family Services


Muehlebach Funeral Care

 Jewish Family Services (JFS) provides essential human services for people facing challenges in everday life or times of crisis--regardless of faith, age, culture or lifestyle. JFS proudly serves more than 7,000 people annually, over half of whom are not Jewish. Our service areas are: Food, Shelter and Employment; Older Adult Services; Mental Health Services; Family Life Education; and Chaplaincy. Jewish Family Services of Greater Kansas City was founded on the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, one person, one family at a time. 

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Kansas City Public Library

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We are a gated, resort-style retirement community that offers one and two bedroom apartment homes. Designed for members 62 years of age and better, this Brookside locale is perfect for those who wish to pursue an active, healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Our community welcomes all and offers a vibrant culture with the small-town charm of friendly neighbors and security. St. Anthony's is sponsored by Catholic Charities, in conjunction with The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, two organizations with a long-standing reputation for compassion, excellence and quality, and a strong spiritual support base. This sponsorship, and our commitment to providing housing and care for active adults will result in meaningful and purposeful lives for those we serve. 

Hospice & Palliative Services

 We believe our role in the insurance industry is to shift perceptions and move beyond being simply a provider. To that end, we work to empower our members and help them live healthy, active and rewarding lives.

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Music Therapy/Hobbies

In-Home Care

Estate Planning Attorneys

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 Whether you're planning for retirement, saving for college for children or grandchildren, or just trying to protect the financial future of the ones you care for the most, we can work together to develop specific strategies to help you achieve your goals. We can also monitor your progress to help make sure you stay on track or determine if any adjustments need to be made. Throughout it all, we're dedicated to providing you top-notch client service. 

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 The services provided by the KC Public Library could fill a book (pun intended). To cater to the needs of the seniors in our community, the KC Public Library offers technology courses along with film screenings and different clubs and activities to join! 

St. Joseph Medical Center

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Gaughan & Connealy

Edward Jones

Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Family Services

Secure Medical Transport

Financial Advisor

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Rhythmic Medicine

Retirement Community

Remodeling Company

St. Anthony's

Insurance Company

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Senior Resource Group

Care Center

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 Giving those looking for an alternative option to a nursing home a solution. AHC specializes in short term nursing & rehabilitation, offering private suites for after your hospital stay or before returning home, as well as twenty-four hour nursing care, inpatient & outpatient rehabilitation services, and a fine dining experience in a luxurious atmosphere. AHC Home Health is a Medicare-certified home healthcare provider, specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation. Their clinical team works closely with you, your family & physician to establish the most effective rehabilitation program for you. 

Chris Gaughan was appointed to the prestigious Board of Governors by the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. Known for his ability to provide a wide-range of custom estate planning services to his clients, with a primary focus on helping provide for the security of their loved ones, reduce estate taxes, and minimize or avoid the costs & delays of probate, Mr. Gaughan prides himself on the lifelong relationships he forms with each & every one of his clients. 

Advanced Health Care

Public Library

 Hearts at Home seeks to provide the highest level of service, expertise, and safety to the older adults, disabled persons, families, and community we serve through compassionate, personalized, reliable, and attentive Overland Park and Kansas City area home care. 

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