Senior Resource Group

Who We Are

 ​The vision of The Golden Circle is to provide the seniors in our community the most beneficial resources to their every day, upcoming, or unexpected needs as well as having some fun hobbies available to them. Our goal is to reach out to the seniors by providing them with resources that, in our expertise, they seem to need or want the most. Our members of The Golden Circle come from an impressive range of backgrounds, education, and areas of expertise. Also, our diversity lets us find the best solution for making your ideas, needs, wants, and wishes successful. Basically, we want to give seniors the joy life still has to offer!

Upcoming Events

 Please check back later for new events.


Membership Opportunities

 ​The Golden Circle​ consists of a variety of different service providers who bring their own special service to seniors. If you or your business provides a service, not currently represented in our "Members" group, and that would be beneficial to seniors, please contact us.